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What does CuleM mean?


“The definition of cule is small. An example of the suffix cule is molecule.”


Cule represents the watch and its  many intricate components.  


M means meaningful and lasting. 


Cule + M = CuleM

How do I pronounce CuleM?

CuleM is pronounced Q-Lem with an english pronunciation of the letter Q.




Can I make an appointment to see the watches virtually or in-person?


We would love to meet you and show you our watches virtually or in person.  

In-Person Appointment


Please contact us or email info@culemwatches.com to arrange an English speaking appointment in London, UK or English/Spanish in Alicante, Spain.


Do you have any retailers where I can review your watches?


We only sell our watches through this website.  However, you can make an appointment to see our watches.




What kind of packaging is my CuleM watch presented in?


All CuleM watches come with a practical watch trunk box with a watch compartment and drawer for additional straps.  Please note that every CuleM watch comes with an additional strap.





What payments methods do you accept?


We accept payment via all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & Amex) via our website.  We also accept payments via Paypal.




How much is shipping?  How long will shipping take?


Free worldwide shipping is included for all orders and deliveries usually take between 2 to 5 days working days from the shipping date. 


Please visit the shipping page for more information.



If I want to return a watch, how can I do this?


You can exchange or return your CuleM watch within 30 days of the shipment date provided that it has not been used and is in the same condition that you received it. The watch must also be unworn and in its original packaging.


Please refer to our returns page for more information.




What does the 24 months guarantee cover?


We have a 24 month watch guarantee which covers the repair or replacement of a manufacturing defect. 


This guarantee does not cover:


  • Normal wear and tear and ageing of the watch;

  • Damage resulting from accidents or negligent use (such as knocks, dents, or scratches)

  • Damage caused by unauthorised modification or repair.





24 month guarantee.  What happens after that?


After 24 months, you can send your watch to us or one of our authorised service centres for service.  


If you would like to service your watch, please contact us or email info@culemwatches.com




My watch needs to be repaired.  What should I do?


If your have an issue with your watch and it needs to be repaired, please contact us or email info@culemwatches.com


We will advise how to send it back and aim to get your watch back to you as fast as possible.




How should I clean my CuleM watch/strap/bracelet?


You can clean your watch by following the instructions below:




Wipe the front and back of your watch with a dry, soft microfibre cloth.  We supply a soft, microfibre cloth with your watch.




Cleaning the Italian leather straps can be done with an appropriate leather care product. Do not put your leather strap in water.




Wipe the bracelet with the dry, soft microfibre cloth we supplied with your watch.




What wrist sizes do CuleM strap and bracelets fit?


All of our straps and bracelets fit mens and womens wrist sizes from 16cm to 21cm. 


How do I change straps?


All of our straps and bracelets have a quick change pin locking system to allow you to change them on the move.  It takes  just a few seconds to change a strap or bracelet.


How do I adjust the bracelet?


It’s easy and only takes a minute to adjust to adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist.  Simply insert a small screwdriver or similar tool into the hole in the clasp. Pry the clasp open and slide the clasp to fit your wrist size.  Then, firmly close the clasp.  If unsure, please contact us or email info@culemwatches.com and we can demonstrate via a virtual appointment.

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